Ginja de Óbidos



The premises of Oppidum in Sobral da Lagoa are part of the original home of Dário Pimpão's parents and they occupy the old agricultural warehouses, winery and bakery, activities that the family developed over generations.

Adapted for the most recent function of liqueur production, individual or group visits are welcome and can be scheduled by phone, email or fax. (See Contacts).

The original rooms have been adapted for our new needs, in compliance with all hygiene and sanitation norms, providing a work environment where the best morello cherry liqueur (Ginja) is produced, adhering to the traditional methods that characterise our work and to which we have always remained faithful.

During the visits a brief explanation is given about the production of Ginja during its several stages, ending with a tasting of this liqueur and also of our latest creation: 'Ginja with Chocolate'.

Our products are also available for sale.

To schedule visits, please see 'Contacts'.